Royal Wedding - Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

May 19th 2018, the world is changing....
The British Royal Family is accepting a new member in the Family.
Prince Harry is marrying Meghan Makle: a Royal Wedding  we are anxious to see.

Weddings are important to us as it helps us do a parallel between Fashion and Love.
It reminds us of a conversation we had with a Singaporean Designer in Paris. As we were explaining the Buyer/Seller relationship, the Designer said: 
"it's like courting". She was right 100%!

Can a man or woman win your heart for ever with just one rose? No, of course. 
With just one restaurant invitation? No, of course. 
The same applies to the "love" relationship between a Buyer and the Brand. As a Brand owner you need to court the Buyer. Understand who he/she is, understand his/her challenges, understand what he/she wants... Get closer to his/her heart to win him/her for the first order. Then, continue working hard as you need to pick up another order next season.... This is why we have created a...

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