1-Hour Advice session - Special Offer


As Industry Professionals are telling us every week that the market is becoming more complex & unpredictable, as a business owner, we must be surrounded by the right people.

You must accept critical thinking at all times.

We bring over 25 years of international business insight at Wholesale and Retail across all functions and stakeholders (brand, retailer, agent, distributor, factory, PR, logistics, credit management, lawyer, accountant ...).

Imagine we share all the GREEN flags ... You will know which strategy and action plan to develop.

A Client told us
"You care more about my business than I do"
Where the Team was seeing a green flag, we were seeing a red flag and we proved it of course. You will know how to avoid costly mistakes costing you hundreds if not thousands.

For example, in less than 1 hour,
* We shared how to reduce duties in the USA by up to 40% on what the company was paying
* We shared how to build the most effective retail dashboard for any retail Director or CEO
* We shared how to get Buyers and offered free a comprehensive video to optimise pricing and margins
* We shared how to prepare the trade show and get up to 10/20 and even 30 orders. It happens more easily when you have 3 to 6 months before the show starts. There is a lot of preparation.


If you agree to share your questions & expectations BEFORE
we start the advice session,
we commit that you will benefit from our label
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.




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