Retail Monthly Mentoring - Training & Support to grow sales

Retail has become more complex & unpredictable.
Don't stay alone and get a monthly sounding board and support.

Our Online Training does not mean you are alone as we will answer all your emails. 
In addition to the monthly training module, you will work on each month including the Trial Period month, you will attend a webinar where we will discuss a hot retail topic and/ or issues that the Members have highlighted.

We want you to engage with us and that you tell us what is preventing you to grow your business, what needs to be fixed and tell us your frustrations and allow us to fix them. 

During the onboarding process, we will send you a questionnaire to know you better. All information remains confidential.

At any time, you can ask for a paid private consultation with the Expert. The fees are start-up fees to ensure it is financially available to all.#

Monthly Mentoring, Support & Execution
Normal Price £49.00
Founders Price £39.00 (for a limited time only)


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