HOW TO find the right Buyers? Fashion Mapping

The Brand Mapping is the opportunity to set up the foundations for your Brand.

Consider it as THE most powerful marketing tool to start growing sales ...

You must have interviewed many Designers who have launched their Brand and told you:
I don't know how to find Buyers
I don't know who to talk to
I attended a trade show but did not contact Buyers prior to the show  

This will not happen to you and that practically means you will not waste your sample collection, stock and marketing budget in something you cannot sell as you have not built a list of targeted buyers.

You will understand here HOW TO find the right Buyers for your Brand.
Imagine the power to have a targeted list of Buyers. This is a critical initial step to generate more sales!

No more time wasted when going to a trade show and coming back empty-handed!
No more time and money wasted when working with agents.
No more paying for a pre-built list of buyers which are not relevant to your Brand.

You know your clients. You know your Brands inside out...
Within the next 2 weeks, you can build a list of 200 targeted trade Buyers to start selling the coming season.

We are only a question away to guide you, support you and make you succeed.  


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