Fashion VIP Service - Silver Level - 2 Hours


Get access to an expert to set up, grow or manage your Fashion or Retail Business.
2 hours of advice and execution help per month.

Get over 25 years of international experience from Designer Brands to SMEs and Young Designers.
Have access to the Golden Rules for success.
Learn the mistakes your competitors have made before you.

How much is that worth?

What you get:

  • Expert Fashion business advice : email, telephone, skype support or face to face
  • Director level expertise without the overheads
  • Field experience on all Fashion related issues – response to your queries within 48 h (85% within 24 hours)
  • Valuable sounding board for all the decisions you are making
  • Access to tried and tested forms or templates
  • Discounts on other LFBA/ GFM products and services ( including partners ) 
  • Access training, seminars, workshops

The results you can expect:

  • Saving time, money & avoiding many mistakes other Designers or Retailers make
  • Understanding what is international Best Practice when building a global Brand or Retail store and having it implemented now and not later
  • Establishing a clear vision, values and goals for the Brand
  • Creating the business plan
  • Better definition of your Brand positioning
  • Getting new sales opportunities – identifying the right buyers & setting up a process to convert them
  • Maximising your trade show investment / Getting more out of your agents or distributors
  • Understanding how to maximise your relationship with the fashion stakeholders
  • Improving the efficiency between the different departments in the company
  • Better recruiting, training and motivation of the Management & Operations Team
  • Improving time management and problem solving
  • Having a sounding board available every day: empowerment to better manage your stock, your people and your Brand or retail business.

If you need more time, contact us first. 3 levels exist (2h, 5h and 12 hours respectively for the Silver, Gold and Platinum Level)

Communication will take place on skype/ whatsapp (teleconference or video conference) and may happen face to face without any surcharge if both parties are in the same city. Ask for availability. 


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