1-hour Webinar - Trade Show - How to get 30 orders or more

A Trade Show is the most effective way to reach out to a significant number of buyers in a short space of time.
They can help you to boost sales in your domestic market & at export. 

The problem is, they don’t come cheap
Get it right and you could come home with a long list of orders. 
Get it wrong and it will have cost you a fortune.

Every season we meet brands at shows who are disappointed because 
- They didn’t get as many sales as they had hoped 
- Traffic at their stand location was an issue 
- The right buyers did not visit their stand 
- They did not manage to convert as many of their visitors into sales as they had hoped - they are told: "I love your collection but I can't buy it"
- Orders apparently signed at the show did not ultimately materialise.

Going to a trade show need not be an expensive gamble.

Our Webinar  will teach you how to: 
- Prepare yourself and your team for the show (before, during and afterwards) 
- Talk to buyers and convert them into sales 
- Set up measurable goals 
- Ensure that the right buyers come to your booth/stand 
- Make sure that your paperwork won’t let you down 
- Pick the show that is right for your brand 
- Understand the top reasons why buyers love the collection but will not buy it
- Negotiate with the show for a location which will meet your objectives and your budget.

GFM will bring you an experience from 
Designer Brands
 (Calvin Klein, Kenzo, Monnalisa, Moschino, Paule Ka, Sergio Rossi, Smalto, Versace...) to 
SMEs/ Young Designers 
(Akong London, Cocoa Cashmere, IKKS, Kitten d'Amour, Lipsy, Penfield, Pomodoro, Vendula London, What Katie Did ...)
Stores from independent boutiques to department stores

GFM will share the Business of Fashion across all fashion stakeholders and across all functions in the Company.

We want to hear about YOUR goals and objectives and the top 1 question we need to answer. 

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Those webinars will be running regularly and we just want a handful of people on it to ensure we can address YOUR questions. 

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