Get me a Buyer

Learn the 4 C's to Contact, Connect, Convert & Cherish Buyers. 

We will help you to get your first order & repeat orders every season.

To succeed, you need to have a clear understanding and process to 
1. Contact and find the right Buyers
2. Connect with Buyers - how to build trust and confidence / how to get them interested in your collection
3. Convert them - how to get them to place the first order / make the first sale
4. Cherish them - how to get repeat orders every season.

Building a wholesale action plan is VITAL for the Business! This module will deliver the secrets you need to make your Dream a reality.

You will be equipped to optimise your next Trade Show, selling from your Showroom or making direct sales when visiting the Buyer at the store.

Designers often say that Buyers love their collection but won't buy it.
Discover in this module the 33 reasons why they won't buy!
We will get you on your way to implementing the solutions and getting the orders you deserve.


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