Fashion Masterclass - Build a profitable business

You have a dream. You have a Brand.

Do you want to set up and grow sales without the challenges met by other Brands?
Do you want to know the Golden Rules to follow when working with Agents and Distributors? When going to a Trade Show, Fashion Week? When connecting with Buyers or Consumers?

The Fashion Masterclass shares with you over 25 years' experience from Strategy to Execution. 
You will learn the strengths and weaknesses of every stakeholders (Brands, Agents, Distributors, Independent Boutiques, Department Stores, Credit Management, Logistics companies, PR, Factories, Accountants, ...

This month is your opportunity to be part of the Founders community

  • Free access to the Masterclass indefinitely - No yearly renewal fee despite the upgrading of the training modules and case studies.
  • Unlimited email support
  • Management Tools to better manage your staff, partners and every project
  • 3-hour free 1-2-1 consultation with the Expert - You can always buy more 1-2-1 time at a discounted rate

The training modules will be released in a structured way to ensure you can develop the Brand and do the homework to grow a profitable and long-term brand.


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