LIVESTREAM - Export Brand Building Workshop - 1 Day - London

Business of Fashion Export Workshop - 1 day -
Grow your £1 Million Export Sales! Make all your export investments a Success.


Each bullet point is delivered with one goal in mind: how to increase sales.
Together we will cover 

  • Brand vision & values *
  • Strategy and action plan *
  • Pricing and margins *
  • Brand fundamentals at export including trademark, administrative and financial challenges 
  • Sales & Marketing 
    A – How to identify the right buyers, get orders and get paid
    B – How to connect and convert the buyers - step by step
    C – How to maximise your wholesale digital footprint & trade show investment 
    D – How to work with agents and distributors 
    E – How to market your product and be successful 
  • Back Office structure and opportunities (staff and partner recruitment and management, currency optimisation, logistics...)
  • Conclusion - You will have worked on a blueprint for your Brand to ensure it reaches the goals which have been set up. It will take into account social distancing with your buyers and clients.

* = see process #4 below

Thierry Bayle - Founder of Global Fashion Management and the London Fashion Business Academy & Co-founder of CEO Mentoring.
Business of Fashion Expert bringing over 25 years' international experience from strategy to execution. Working every week with Brands and Retailers. Learn more about Thierry in the above video (Clients, Expert at Who's Next...).

Case Study  - How Trade Shows can be a sales booster!
Brands invest £4 000 to £8 000 to exhibit at a trade show without the confidence that orders will follow. 
They realise too late that they went without preparation and this is the reason for picking up 0 or just 2 - 5 orders. Those orders hardly pay for the stand and expenses to exhibit at the show. 
In January, a Young Designers told us that she exhibited twice at a trade show in Paris. As she did not pick up any order, she had to close the Brand! It is very much avoidable!

Our Clients know that we will develop together a real strategy, action plan & monthly to-do list for all the key staff members involved in the project.
They go there well prepared, they know how to work on-site and they also know how to follow up the show. 
The results are about taking up to 30 orders at the first show. It is possible if the show is professionally prepared 3 - 6 months before show date.
At the livestream event, we will discuss digital solutions as well as face to face solutions (with social distancing in mind).

1. Preparation questionnaire and Q&A exchanges to ensure the Team and Brand are prepared even before we meet on-site in London
2. Delivery of the workshop around the key fundamentals and top golden rules you must follow as well as the top mistakes your competition has done. We are assuming you have no interest to make these same mistakes we see every season. Each mistake will cost thousands of Euros rather than just hundreds of Euros.
The workshop content will be based on your Brand's goals you have shared with us.
3. Follow up exchanges post-workshop to ensure you follow the action plan which has been decided. We will assist you through advice, mentoring and execution if necessary (drafting a letter or procedure, attending a call with a stakeholder...).
4. The topics indicated with an "*" will be handled in the preparation of the workshop with online courses however we can address them partly or wholly during the workshop.
5. Free follow up by email after the event for a period of 3 months.

NB - Spaces are limited with a maximum of 4 Brands.
We will therefore be discussing YOUR Brand and YOUR opportunities and challenges.
The content of the workshop can be amended to fit purpose
however the above is the minimum agenda.

Share your goals.


Location: LIVESTREAM - Virtual Workshop  
Dates: November 21st 2020 - Other dates available - Please call or email
Time: From 10.00 am to 5 pm (UK time)

Join us. If you have a question, WhatsApp us on +44 7951 198 769.


* Free Lifetime access to Online Courses (how to get buyers, fashion mapping or how to find buyers, pricing and margins, #1 process to avoid major mistakes ...).
* Free Business Templates
* Free USA Workshop presentation
* Free review of your SWOT Analysis

Funding availability - 2 Brands only 
Thanks to our partners from Advisory & Mentoring, your file may be selected and receive a free funding covering 25% of the fee - A saving of £107.50.
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