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Set up and build your Fashion Brand successfully.From today, you will no longer be alone!Have an Expert by your sid...

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Get the Margins and Pricing right for your Brand

£49.00 GBP

What is the lifeblood of your Fashion Brand: MARGINS & PRICING.Get them right from the start and see your sales gro...

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Get me a Buyer

£99.00 GBP

Learn the 4 C's to Contact, Connect, Convert & Cherish Buyers. We will help you to get your first order &a...

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HOW TO find the right Buyers? Fashion Mapping

£39.00 GBP

The Brand Mapping is the opportunity to set up the foundations for your Brand. Consider it as THE most powerful marketi...

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Brand Building: Number 1 process to avoid mistakes

£29.00 GBP

ACTS Nobody knows it all Sometimes we don't know exactly what we don't know - this is how fashion brands frequently ...

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Fashion Masterclass - Build a profitable business

£599.00 GBP

You have a dream. You have a Brand. Do you want to set up and grow sales without the challenges met by other Brands?Do ...

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How to successfully work with Agents

£39.00 GBP

As you are building a business, you need a Sales Team whether internally or externally.Working with Agents is a goo...

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£18.00 GBP

BIFF&BIL Live Event - Setting up, growing & managing a Fashion Brand is not easy. It is a marathon and not ...

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